Who is He?

   Who is God? What we know about God is just a tiny glimpse of how wonderful he really is. I am using a curriculum called Starting Points. It has given several words that describe God. I wanted to share them with you.

•excels above all; is above all

•knowing everything, possessing all knowledge


•all powerful

•totally present everywhere at the same time

•No beginning and no end

•always stays the same


Cowgirl Shoot

These are photos of my sisters and our friend. I was messing around with my camera. What do you think?



A cup of coffee...

A Starbucks...

Buzzing sounds all around you...

Bakery treats...

A sister...

And a cup of coffee...

=one wonderful day!


Color Splash

I have an app that lets you color splash your pictures. I love it! Pictures I have done for fun:

Ramdom Musings on School

                               Back to Cool free school chalkboard shabby blog banner copy


    In the fall, a fresh new season of school starts. Some kids are longing for more summer months, while others are excited about the new school season. Still more have mixed feeling excited to start back, but holding on to the last moments of summer. I find my self in the third category. I am excited, but I do want to enjoy the last sweet moments of summer. A reason I like school is because, I am home schooled. A unique way to learn. Happy back to school!



Stand in faith 
Even when you can’t see your way 
Stand in faith 
Even when you feel like you can’t face another day 
Stand in faith 
Even when the tears want to flow from your eyes 
Stand in faith 
Knowing that our God will always provide 
Stand in faith 
Even when you feel that all hope is gone 
Stand in faith 
Knowing that He is always there for you to lean on 
Stand in faith
Even when you feel like giving up
Stand in faith
Because He is there ... saying, "Just look up"
Stand in faith
Even in those times you feel so all alone
Stand in faith
Hold on and be strong, for He is still on the throne
Stand in faith
Even when it’s hard to believe
Stand in Faith
Knowing that He can change your situation, suddenly
Stand in faith
Even in those times you feel it’s hard to pray
Stand in faith
And believe that He has already made the way
Faith ... is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen
So stand in faith
Because you already have the victory!

--Evangelist Johnnye V. Chandler

I hope you enjoyed the poem about faith



"Blessings" by Laura Story

Call me Crazy...

I was bored so I did a photo shoot with ...... DAISYS (the flower). I like these pictures. What do you think?



Frametastic an app I mess around with. I love it! You can't see the white border that well. Which one do you like better?

Picture 1:

Picture 2:



We were driving in the rain I took some pictures. Rain is one of the things that inspires me.

These three pictures where taken in a car. They don't look like rain, but it's rain.

From the web...

Which one do you like the best (please tell me in comments)?

Emma Faith