Today our family and our cousins went to my mom's cousin's house. They have lots of horses and we get to ride them. They the most adorable miniature horses. Below(Me and a miniature horse)

My cousin has this really cool car and I drove it. It is leagal to drive on the streets if you have a permit. It is really fun to drive. Below(Me driving the car)

We had a wonderful time!



Little Sister

This is my little sister Adelie. Isn't she so cute. She is 3 years old and her faveorite shirt is her Texas A&M shirt. 

Outdoor Fun!

We went rollar blading today with my cousins. We had a blast! 
(This is Ana, Me, Grace)

                          (This is Will, Ana, Me)



            Grace is my cousin. She lives in Missouri and has come down to TX to be with us. She is 13 and has just started a blog called http://gracesutherland.blogspot.com . She loves to dance, play worship music, and hang out with friends. She has two brothers and is the oldest. Their family is staying with us this spring break. This spring break is going to be a busy one.



Full Week

                My week has been pretty full. I have been practicing and performing in play I am in.  I was the old sheep in "Charlotte's Web". The night before auditions for Charlotte's Web,  I told my friend, Cameron, that I would die if I got the sheep; she told me she would did if she got the part, Mother. Guess who got those parts? Cameron got Mother and I was stuck with the sheep role. This is how that happened: when I auditioned my director asked me to step in and read for the sheep. Then she asked me to do a sheep "voice". Everyone laughed. I knew I would get picked for the sheep. I was horrified. Well, I did get the part. Even though, it wasn't what I wanted. I made that part into a fun part to act. During the show, everyone was bubbling with excitement. I took on my role, and became the old sheep. When curtain call came, the crowed clapped and clapped and clapped. As I took my bow, I knew I wouldn't want to change my part, for any other in that play.