Full Week

                My week has been pretty full. I have been practicing and performing in play I am in.  I was the old sheep in "Charlotte's Web". The night before auditions for Charlotte's Web,  I told my friend, Cameron, that I would die if I got the sheep; she told me she would did if she got the part, Mother. Guess who got those parts? Cameron got Mother and I was stuck with the sheep role. This is how that happened: when I auditioned my director asked me to step in and read for the sheep. Then she asked me to do a sheep "voice". Everyone laughed. I knew I would get picked for the sheep. I was horrified. Well, I did get the part. Even though, it wasn't what I wanted. I made that part into a fun part to act. During the show, everyone was bubbling with excitement. I took on my role, and became the old sheep. When curtain call came, the crowed clapped and clapped and clapped. As I took my bow, I knew I wouldn't want to change my part, for any other in that play.


1 sweet notes:

  1. I'm glad you made it into a fun part to act, I'm sure if we did that every day, instead of just complaining about things, we'd find ourselves more content.


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