if you give a girl a cookie...

If you give a girl a cookie she'll want to make more after her first one is gone then all those cookies will make her thirsty so she'll want to make tea/lemonade. And with the cookies and drink in front of her she'll want to invite a friend to share the snack, and she'll want to make more cookies and something to go with it, like cake pops. With all this fancy food she'll want a pretty table to put it on then when she sees how pretty the table looks she'll want to put on a dress. And since there is nothing else to do she'll want her friends to arrive, but they haven't come yet, so she'll have to wait at the window. Since they haven't arrived yet she'll want to pick some flowers. As she picking flowers she sees her friends coming. And she'll bring them inside to eat cookies and drink tea (or lemonade since there four). After all the treat are gone her friends leave and since all that work made her hungry she'll want another cookie. 

A small summary of my afternoon with my little sister Adelie.   


Ana /// Interview 01

"Ana is my sister and since I thought it was high time I post an interview on this blog she was my first pick. Ana plays the piano all day and loves her big older sister (me!) a ton. Enjoy this slice of Ana."  -Emma

+ drink/food
     Coffee at Snug...the best thing in the world. I alway get the Andes' Mint Frappocino. Snug is a little coffee place that is downtown Mckinney, if you are in the area make sure to stop by Snug. It's better than Starbucks and Caribou (for people in the North).

+ song in your head
I'd have to say that my favorite song is "You Lead" by Jamie Grace, because it has beautiful melody and great lyrics.

Did you know that Jamie Grace is in a movie that's coming out? It's called Grace Unplugged. I can't wait to watch it. Jamie isn't the main character, but she is Grace's best friend.

+ hobby 
Playing the piano is my passion for life. I've been playing the piano since I was six. Worship music is my favorite genre to play. I also like to Smash with my sister. If you don't know what smashing is check out my sister's post here on smashing. (I was the one who got Emma into all that smashing and such :)
My mom made this Treble-Clef for my 12th birthday.
+ on my mind
We just a new dog the other day, and he is always on my mind. He is an adorable Brittany puppy and his name is Chevy. Although he is five months old he is quite calm for a puppy. We have been asking our Dad for a dog for 6 years so it was a miracle when we finally got a dog. If you are reading this Dad, thank you!
+ dream
My dream is to become a music artist, and write my own worship music.

+ new discovery/rediscovered
I know I mentioned Snug already, but my second favorite place to get a frappuccino's is Starbucks, and just the other day I discovered their new Salted Carmel  Mocha Frappuccino. It is a mouthful to say, but is a wonderful treat and way better the plain Carmel Frappuccino. I like my Salted Carmel Mocha Frappuccino with extra carmel and an extra shot of coffee. I can hardly wait to go back.

+ excited about
My 7th grade year. I finally made it to this point in life. I am going to compete in more piano competitions this year and can hardly wait.

+ wild card
I like wearing neon color socks with Sperrys.


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Puffed Pancakes

Giant Baked Puffed Pancake
'tired of the old flat pancake? than try this delicious puffed pancake'

•1 tablespoon of butter
•4 eggs
•1 1/3 cups of milk 
•1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
•3 tablespoons of sugar 
•1 1/2 cups of white flour 
•1/2 teaspoon of salt 

Preheat the oven to 375ºF. Heat the butter till melted, and then brush it all around a 9 by 13-inch baking pan. Break the eggs into a large bowl and pour in the milk, vanilla extract, and the sugar. Whisk till blended. Then add the flour and salt. Whisk again until there are no more lumps. Pour the batter into the baking pan. Bake for 35 minutes. Cut the puff into squares and serve with maple syrup, berries, chocolate chips, and/or whip cream. Enjoy!



I'm going to miss the sweetness of summer, but fall mean big giant sweaters, crisp air, and hot drinks, so I can't wait for fall. Cheers to fall!