The eve of 2013 with Rambles

As I sit at this computer the date of today makes me think. and think hard.

December. 31. 2012.


The last time that date will be living, because tomorrow that year is history.

Why, this was the year I turned 13.
We moved (finally).
Got a Pinterest account
I learned how to cope with my hair of tangles!
Grew exactly 2 inches. Sarcastic tone: "that one is not a surprise!"
The year I crossed to Canada without a passport and lost my flip flops to the rapids (long story).
I got braces.
Why, I started this blog in 2012. (First post, somewhat embarrassing :)

Time flies. Time flies too fast. When you want it to move it is slow motion; when you want time to stay in the moment it flies so you cannot catch it.

When I was 6 my really close friend had a sleepoer. Both her and I remember feeling so grown up at that party. When we think about it. It almost seemed like yesterday.

Or when I had that treasure hunt when I was 5 with my grandma (we have the same birthday, July 9), and collecting all the dress up thing and ended at a tea party. Ah, the good times.

My "baby" sister is four. She is sweet, precious, and as the most adorable hug. When she is 13 (like me), I will have graduated collage and be 22 years old. 22 years old. I just can't believe it! Can you? I mean I will be driving when she is 7!

Our church had a guest speaker, Bob Huges. He gave a sermon that made me think about many things, but also about time. He had an illustration about you getting a bank account with 86,400 dollars in it, but whatever you didn't use by the end of the day was deleted. He said you can sometimes tell what is most important by what people do with their money. Then he talked about the bank account we have given to use by God with 86,400 seconds in it. We can use these seconds wisely or foolishly and at the end of the day it is final. There is nothing we can do to change it.

So use this year wisely.

Have a Happy New Year!


Family Photos

All of these photos were taken by Lu Flores Mackey. She is an amazing photographer as you can see by or photographers. You should check out her other work at her website. By the way I got a Pinterest account!



...And Love Came Down

Merry Christmas! This symbol (bad quality and I could not make it on Word) represents what Christmas is all about. It is about the Love that came down and hung on the cross (look at symbol).  Jesus who came down from the heavens and came down on the earth to be hung on the cross to save all mankind. So as we open our gifts, eat, and celebrate this day let us all remember the true reason of Christmas. The celebration of the day that Christ came down to earth as a babe to save the lives of all mankind. Gifts represent the gift of Jesus who came down. I hope everyone as a lovely Christmas!



Gift Wrapping Inspiration

   For those who are wrapping last minute gifts here is some inspiration to give you ideas for a cute present. I found all of these on Pinterest. Since I have a blog my parents do not want me to have a pinterest account yet (but I think they will let me get one for Christmas)! So I have one board on my mom's account. I have pins for baby-sitting, siblings, crafts and a bunch of other things. Her are some of my gift pins:

Snowman Presents! These is so fun. I was going to do it, but we don't have white paper, and all my presents don't work for the body. 

These is a simple yet elegant way to wrap presents.

A sweet tissue flower to put on any gifts instead of a bow.

Fingerprint lights! LOVE. 

Another good substitute for a bow. 

Hope this gave you some great ideas!
Merry Christmas,

Christmas Eve

Random thoughts about Christmas:

A holiday for Jesus

Burning fires to snuggle near by

Seeing family & friends

Staring at the Christmas tree till your eyes go blurry

Watching the Nativity Story (Great movie to watch at Christmas)

Making sugar cookies

A break from school

Wrapping Presents

Drinking cups and cups of hot coco

Going gift shopping so many times you lose count

Doing family traditions

Spending to many hours on Pinterest looking for Gift wrapping ideas

Singing you favorite Christmas songs

These are some of my thoughts, What are your favorite things of Christmas.



Christmas Playlist

My favorite songs to listen during the holidays...

1) Carol of the Bells ///

2) Joy to the World /// Chris Tomlin

3) It is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas /// Michael Buble 

4) Christmas Card /// Steven Curtis Chapman 

5) The First Noel /// Kari Jobe 

6) Do You Hear What I Hear? /// Carrie Underwood 

7) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen /// Steven Curtis Chapman

8) Let it Snow, Let it Snow /// Michael Buble

ENJOY! - Emma


We Want a Perfect Family Dog for Christmas

This version of the song, "I want a hippopotamus for christmas" is dedicated to my dad, who needs to fall in love with having a dog at our house. Enjoy! - Emma

Perfect Family Dog

We want a perfect family dog for Christmas
Only a perfect family dog will do
I don't want legos
No Vera Bradley purse
We want a perfect family dog to fetch with and enjoy

We want a perfect family dog for Christmas
We don't think Christopher will mind, do you
Dad won't have do
The chores.
Just give it to the kids
That's the easy thing to do

I can see me now on Christmas morning
Creeping down the stairs
Oh a joy and what surprise
When we open up our eyes
To see a doggy hero standing there

We want a perfect family dog for Christmas
Only a perfect family dog will do
We don't want a crab
No Guiana pigs
We only like doggies
And doggies like me too

Dad says a dog would be too much work but then
Mom says we can do the chores

There's lots of room for him
In our empty backyard
I'd feed him there
And wash him there
And give him his massage

I can see me now on Christmas morning
Creeping down the stairs
Oh a joy and what surprise
When we open up our eyes
To see a doggy hero standing there

We want a perfect family dog for Christmas
Only a perfect family dog will do
I don't want a camera
No stocking stuffers
We only like doggies
And doggies like me too


Preview of Our Family Pictures

Our family did pictures, our first paid shoot with the whole family (We have only done it with the kids and not mom and dad) My mom did a great job picking out outfits. I took some photos, but sometimes people were not looking at me, because of the photographer who was taking our pictures, and also whenever I took photos when they were looking at me I had to go fast, because their energy was gone, so some are blurry. Our photographer was really good. Hope you like the pictures. These are all my pictures.