Gift Wrapping Inspiration

   For those who are wrapping last minute gifts here is some inspiration to give you ideas for a cute present. I found all of these on Pinterest. Since I have a blog my parents do not want me to have a pinterest account yet (but I think they will let me get one for Christmas)! So I have one board on my mom's account. I have pins for baby-sitting, siblings, crafts and a bunch of other things. Her are some of my gift pins:

Snowman Presents! These is so fun. I was going to do it, but we don't have white paper, and all my presents don't work for the body. 

These is a simple yet elegant way to wrap presents.

A sweet tissue flower to put on any gifts instead of a bow.

Fingerprint lights! LOVE. 

Another good substitute for a bow. 

Hope this gave you some great ideas!
Merry Christmas,

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  1. Those are lovely gift wrapping ideas! Very creative! :) Thanks for sharing the pictures! And hope you get a Pinterest account for Christmas!


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