DIY Coco Cones

This are a must to make on the holidays, and a perfect gift for teachers, too. A coco cone! To make the coco mix here is the recipe. After you make the coco mix.You will need:

Mini Marshmallows 
Little rubber bands
Chocolate Chips
Candy Canes
Piping Bags (To hold the coco)

1: Forst put in as much coco as you want in the piping bag 
(TIP: Use a paper as a cone and put it in the piping bag to slide the coco in the take the paper out. This will help with no coco powder up at the top.)
2: Than put in a half a cup of chocolate chips
3. Then add a cup of mini marshmallows 
4: Put a small rubber band on the top
5: Tie a bow with the ribbon with a tag on it 
6: Give to someone you appreciate! 


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