Awesome/Awkward Vacation

Will almost getting really hurt on the way to Canada
Not showering while camping
Bringing nothing to do in the car that I could do without asking Dad
Trying to find a computer to use
Packing, Driving, Unpacking, Packing, Driving, Unpacking,
Running out of books to read

Going on Vacation!!!
Coming home
My Nana’s 70th birthday
All the girl cousins (the younger set) having braces
Seeing all the family
Camping in Northern Minnesota 
Not using a computer all day
Getting a shower after camping!
Having Nana’s Homemade bread (the best)
Having a two week long vacation


The meaning of Emma


In German it means:
Embracing everything

In Swedish it means:

In Hebrew it means:
My God has answered 

In Tai it means:
nine blessings

What does your name mean?



The Olympics!!!

  Who watches the Olympics? I love it, but I have to watch recordings because we don’t have a TV. I am sure most of you are shocked, but we had a really old TV and my mom threw it out when we moved. We watch movies from our computer. It has better screen than our old TV. The house we live in now has a meadia room so my mom and dad will most likely get a TV.

Olympics events:


Badminton (What is that?)


Beach Volleyball


Cycling - Road




Gymnastic - Artistic

Handball (?)

Judo (?)




Table Tennis




   Some of them I have no idea what it is. I think I will enjoy Gymnastics the most and I hope America wins!!! Enjoy!!!



Outline of Vacation

I had the best vacation, well with a few downs. This is an Outline.....

July 12/Left for MN with Mom and Kids (Dad stayed for work)
           /Got  to Kansas, at Aunt Amy’s house

July 13/Headed to MN
            /Got to MN
            /spend night at Aunt Lisa’s house (Minneapolis)
July 14/Headed to Duluth (MN town)
           /Saw my wonderful Papa!!!I love you!
           /Spend the night at motel
July 15/Go back to Aunt Lisa’s house
July 16/No more traveling!!!

July 17/Prepared for Nana’s 70th party (her birthday is the same as mine! July 9th)
           /Sweet Pea’s (ice cream shop) I got a flavor called Root Beer Float :)

July 18/Nana’s Party (a success!)
           /Dad flies in

July 19/Hang out

July 20/Baseball party with all relatives
           /Girls went shopping!

July 21/ Left for Boundary Waters at 3:30 AM
           /Get to Boundary Waters
Boundary Waters = Camping place in Northern MN. You canoe everywhere. If you live in MN check it out!!!

July 22/Day at Boundary Waters
           /Went down rapids in canoe

July 23/Left Boundary Waters
           /Go to a motel

July 24/Sight see at Grand Marias
            /Went to Canada by wading through rapids (post coming!!!)

July 25/ Left for TX
           / Get to Kansas and spend the night

July 26/ TX
           /Arrived at “Home Sweet Home”

I was gone for exactly two weeks!!!



Blogging Break

Picture from http://littleskyeyes.blogspot.com/ .

I am heading of for Minnesota. I will not be posting....:(. I hope everyone has a great July!




Music. Worship. Dancing. Listening. The words. Songs.

Music is one of the things I love to do. You are probably wondering how do you do Music? What I mean is that I love listening and dancing to music. A few songs I love!

The song: Blessings

The artist: Francesca Battistelli

What songs do you like?


Dear Summer,

Dear Summer,

    I have enjoyed you very much, but please slow down; don’t rush to fall. School is great! I am just not ready for school. I want to swim and feel water slip across my hands. And sit on the porch listening to summer sounds. I won’t mind the hot sun (that much). You could add another month, because June, July and August are not enough. Why you could call the month: Excess (meaning extra). I plead my case with several others; all who love you, Summer. I guess it would mess you up to add a month or slow down. But please remember, I love you Summer.


Hey! This was a school project. To write a letter to someone who is not a human. Who would YOU write to?


I am 13!!!

Today is my birthday! I am 13!!! 13 = Teen. I just got back from camp.... I had a blast. I will tell you all about it soon. I hope everyone has a great day!




Hey! Don’t know what to post about. So check out this awesome blogs (Page of blogs).

P.S This was supposed to post while I was at camp, but it didn’t do it!



Hey everybody,

I am heading of for an adventure! Ok, kind-of. I am going to camp, but it could turn out to be a life changing experience (adventure). This month has been packed full. That is just the way I like it. When I get pack form camp I will (hopefully) have lots of pictures and news. "I can't speak for us all, but I myself find July to be a blissful time. It's the perfect medium between summer's peak and it's ending. It's kind of like a ripe berry.” That was from Piper’s blog. I hope everyone will have a great week!
P.S This was supposed to post before I went to camp, but I didn’t do it!!!


Swimming a mile!

Hey! Today I crossed out one of my buckets on my bucket list. It was swim a mile without stopping!!! I  swam 32 laps (50 meters each). I was so tired, but it was worth it!

What are some things that you want to do?



4th of July

Blue + White + Red = Freedom

Blue + White + Red = Independence 

Blue + White + Red = Liberty 

Blue, white, and red are the colors that represent our country.

Blue stands for vigilance, perseverance, and justice
White stands for purity and innocence
Red stands for hardiness and valour

These colors make up our flag!

Happy 4th of July!!!