Blogging Break

Picture from http://littleskyeyes.blogspot.com/ .

I am heading of for Minnesota. I will not be posting....:(. I hope everyone has a great July!


1 sweet notes:

  1. Thank you Em! I'm following you now! I see you like Christian Music...I am in a school that teaches me to write, play, sing and record my very own songs! They are on my blog under the Music Tab. I'm not an AMAZING singer...but I sing to the Glory of God and that is all that matters...the words...the message...the love I have for our Lord! I am almost finished with my 4th song...it will be ready to record in a few weeks! Beginning in September...we will record 1 per month! Anywhooooo...I am glad you enjoyed my blog! Look forward to seeing what you have to say...It makes me happy to see someone so young...so in love with God! Have a great trip!


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