Outline of Vacation

I had the best vacation, well with a few downs. This is an Outline.....

July 12/Left for MN with Mom and Kids (Dad stayed for work)
           /Got  to Kansas, at Aunt Amy’s house

July 13/Headed to MN
            /Got to MN
            /spend night at Aunt Lisa’s house (Minneapolis)
July 14/Headed to Duluth (MN town)
           /Saw my wonderful Papa!!!I love you!
           /Spend the night at motel
July 15/Go back to Aunt Lisa’s house
July 16/No more traveling!!!

July 17/Prepared for Nana’s 70th party (her birthday is the same as mine! July 9th)
           /Sweet Pea’s (ice cream shop) I got a flavor called Root Beer Float :)

July 18/Nana’s Party (a success!)
           /Dad flies in

July 19/Hang out

July 20/Baseball party with all relatives
           /Girls went shopping!

July 21/ Left for Boundary Waters at 3:30 AM
           /Get to Boundary Waters
Boundary Waters = Camping place in Northern MN. You canoe everywhere. If you live in MN check it out!!!

July 22/Day at Boundary Waters
           /Went down rapids in canoe

July 23/Left Boundary Waters
           /Go to a motel

July 24/Sight see at Grand Marias
            /Went to Canada by wading through rapids (post coming!!!)

July 25/ Left for TX
           / Get to Kansas and spend the night

July 26/ TX
           /Arrived at “Home Sweet Home”

I was gone for exactly two weeks!!!


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