a peek inside

     A year ago my sister got me a Smash book for Christmas. A Smash book is like a scrapbook and a journal combined. I love it. Its a great place to record memories and add bits and pieces about yourself. I least thats how i use it. Hobby Lobby usually has these with lots of accessories. I love coming up with new ideas for it. I even have a Pinterest board for it. The page I am working on know is about my love for snail mail, with a few letters and packages I got this summer. There are endless possibilities for a Smash book.

For a great summary of what a Smash book is click here.

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'I'm Awesome'

My brother Ethan hangs out with a neighbor friend almost every day. Max (the friend) thinks Ethan is really awesome and Ethan knows that. I overheard this conversation:

Ethan: "I'm not cool. Am I cool?"
Max (eager): "Your cool!!!"
Ethan: *superman smile* "Yeah, I'm cool."  

You could say Max is too much of a confidence booster...Ethan was told by my Mom to tell Max he was cool, too. 

Love you bro!


Beauty & the Beast

(The whisk)
Mrs. Potts and chip (me)
Opening scene
Our Drama teachers pretending to take 'selfies' in one of our Drama games

Cast party

  Several months ago I preformed in Beauty and the Beast. I was Chip, and it was a fun and delightful week of preforming. It was so much fun to spend the week with all of my friends from co-op. We made so many good memories, that I hope I will never forget. Such as the midnight party after a performance when we went to I-Hop, and I got a rather large (huge) stack of pancakes. The boys finished it off for me. :) And spraying 'tea' (water) at Lefou. That was probably my favorite part of being Chip. And of course the thrill of performing every night. A part I could forget is my human again costume. I think I prefer being a tea cup rather than a boy.  I can hardly wait for next year's show to be announced.



"Creativity is intelligence having fun."
-Albert Einstein

I love to painting even though I have NO talent.




(Horse Camp) taken by Camp photographer

(Other little things)

This summer I went to Colorado to sight see and go to camp for a week. Her are a few lists I have gathered...

its hard to let go of new friends
riding horses is more dangerous than it sounds
TX needs mountains
being 14,110 feet in the air isn't any difference then being 1 foot of the ground cept' for the view
snow can be in CO even in the middle of the summer heat
new memories are the best
tie dye T-Shirts help keep track of everyone when you are touring

Ate at a litte coffe place where they claimed to have the "best donuts ever"...not true
climbed (drove) 14,110 feet
was in a mini horse show
went on the biggest zip-line on the left side of the Mississippi river
visited friend in CO
hiked a lot

a pair of flip-flops
bobby pins, of course
my dignity when it comes to singing out loud

my own comfy bed
a camera
my books (they weren't allowed at camp!?!)
Raina (the horse I had at camp)
the cool weather in CO

Can't wait for next summer, but I'm still excited for school.