Beauty & the Beast

(The whisk)
Mrs. Potts and chip (me)
Opening scene
Our Drama teachers pretending to take 'selfies' in one of our Drama games

Cast party

  Several months ago I preformed in Beauty and the Beast. I was Chip, and it was a fun and delightful week of preforming. It was so much fun to spend the week with all of my friends from co-op. We made so many good memories, that I hope I will never forget. Such as the midnight party after a performance when we went to I-Hop, and I got a rather large (huge) stack of pancakes. The boys finished it off for me. :) And spraying 'tea' (water) at Lefou. That was probably my favorite part of being Chip. And of course the thrill of performing every night. A part I could forget is my human again costume. I think I prefer being a tea cup rather than a boy.  I can hardly wait for next year's show to be announced.

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  1. This is so cool! Looks like you had so much fun:) I love the pictures, and I love Beauty and the Beast!


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