"Creativity is intelligence having fun."
-Albert Einstein

I love to painting even though I have NO talent.

2 sweet notes:

  1. Yay, a post dedicated to painting! =D

    I should paint more often...it's good for letting off steam! Hehe, "no talent" know just whatcha' mean! I was so glad to know that there's more kinds of paintings than just "realistic" like when you paint an outrageous sunset just for love of color, the kind using geometric shapes, the ones with purple kittens...those really let the creative juices flow!

    Hehe, I was kinda wordy today, hope you don't mind! ;)


  2. Love your pictures- they are inspiring! Also, I love the quote!

    I'd love to paint but I don't have the talent, or the time to try an do it.

    But I think I will, your post has indeed inspired me! ;)

    ~Amber :)


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