Starbucks combined with Doodling

What the cup looked liked before:

Emily's doodle:

This is mine (yes bad quality picture)


   Since I am doing a duo with a friend, Emily. We have to go together to voice lesson to practice together. I want to do a shout out to my wonderful voice teacher, Mrs. Payne. She has taught me so many things about singing. Since we had extra time before the lesson. Emily and I went to Starbucks. We had an amazing time. Doodling on our cups (idea from Pinterest), taking pictures, laughing, and of course sipping a fabulous Peppermint Mocha (we picked the same drink). Emily has a blog, too. Since the holiday cups at Starbucks are red an employee found some little original ones for us to draw on. Thanks Starbucks!



Every Orphan's Hope

Every Orphan's Hope's:

   We are sponsoring for a girl named is Lisa. They have a picture of her on Facebook. You pay $24 dollars a month to provide for the child, since 24 dollars is not quite enough there is 12 sponsors total. This is something our family can do that can make a difference in a child's life. 

ONE matters

   If you would like to help. You can click on orphans (above) to see the orphans you can sponsor. Then click on sponsor (above). Then you can fill in the form. You will receive a package with information about the child you are sponsoring. Then there is the child's Facebook family, with the twelve sponsors. When one drops out you will know to make a replacement. Not just giving money is a part of it you can send letters to the child. I can't wait to send my first letter to Lisa. 

   I have a friend Claire Gruver who has a blog as well. She was actually the one who told me about blogging and got me started. Her family is very active with this ministry and she has written several post on her experience with going to Africa and serving with Every Orphans Hope. She is a wonderful writer. I encourage you to read all or at least one.

Some of Claire's Posts on Africa:
They Matter
A Boy named John
A Girl named Joyce 

Please consider helping sponsor an orphan with your family.


Favorite Pins

I love Pinterest, but I haven't gotten my own yet so I have a board on my mom's account. It is not really organized, but that's ok! Here is a link to my board. Soon I'll have my own account!

Recipe for Cappuccino Fudge
Cappuccino Fudge!!!
Arizona green tea camera
Arizona Tea Camera! A Fun Camera Prop!
Valentine Card
A Sweet Valentine Card.:)
DIY canvas glue art

A simple, elegant design of elmer glue on a canvas.

hot chocolate on a stick :: recipe here
Hot Chocolate on a stick!

red green pink wedding via Darling Belle Events. Inspiration from Vera Bradley
Vera Bradley Wedding! Who doesn't love this !?!
Starbucks Frappucinos-cupcake style!! :D
For any Starbucks lover, is  Frappucinos cupcake style!

And those are some of my fave pins!



Dora Shoes

Adelie had a birthday and turned four. I think (I know :) her favorite present, which were Dora shoes!

Now these aren't any old shoes they have a personality (I am being serious you know) !
Quote from Adelie as she was getting into the car, "I am trying to keep up with my Dora shoes, but they go too fast (mournful face)." Another quote, "I want to dance with Grace, but my Dora shoes wanna play tag!" "My Dora shoes like ice cream better than me!" I get so filled up with laughter whenever she wear the shoes, which is day and night. Adelie is such a cutie!

Love from the big sister,


Black Friday in Branson

       Do you like the poster? I made it at this address. I had the best time shopping with my family. My Aunt woke us up at 10:30 p.m Thursday night and said we were going shopping. Of course we were all confused, it starts at midnight on Friday. Apparently stores opened at 10:00 p.m so that kinda ruined it, but we stayed past 12:00 a.m so it was alright. When we got to where all the outlets were the parking lot was full so we parked next to Krispy Kreme. It is a famous donut place, but the one in our area closed down so I guess it wasn't famous enough. Parking next to that place meant donuts for us! Since glazed donuts are always cheaper buying them by the dozen, my Dad bought a dozen. One word. Delicious. Then came shopping! I didn't buy anything, but I had fun. And that has been my experience of shopping on black Friday.



Praise the LORD!

              "Give thanks to the Lord for He is good! His faithful love 

                      endures forever." - Psalms 107:1

Some things I am thankful for:

1) God - Through His mercy and abounding love I have been saved from the punishment of sin. 

2) Friends in my life - My friends have been a joy and a encouragement in my life; and making goofy faces and memories together

3) Books - I am in love with books. How they can draw you in into a another world through someone else's' eyes is a mystery 

4) Family - No matter where you go and where you moved family stays by your side. While friends may come and go I can rely on my family

5) Starbucks - Sweet, delicious aroma if a cappuccino warms you right up from the tips of your fingers to the end of you toes 

6) Seasons - No matter how hard I try I can never pick my favorite season 
          Spring - The coldness of winter fades away, flowers spring and the old is gone the new has come

          Summer - The pressure of school is  off, your vacation has come and of course it is my birthday!
          Fall - Refreshed from your break the excitement of a new school year begins, sweaters are pulled out and crop, clean, cold, fall air surrounds you.
          Winter - Snow falls (but in warm TX) and you celebrate the birth of Christ through Christmas 

7) Quotes - funny, smart and serious quotes - "The worth of a book is to be measured
by what you can carry away from it."  ~James Bryce

8) Girl Cousins my age - well close to my age! 

9) The Bible - That we have God's words in our hands is an amazing tool and guidance

10) Music - Music is one of my favorite pastime

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and don't eat to much!



A Post Dedicated to Mustache Lovers

   Mustache's are hugely popular, for just about everything since I have been shopping. I have found several mustache things so I took a lot of pictures, think it would be a fun post! By the way I am not obsessed with mustaches I think they are cute, but I don't own any mustache things. This post shows lots of love to mustache lovers. 



Adelie's Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Adelie! 

My sister turned 4 on November 18th. We had a fabulous princess party.  These are pictures from her party. 

Love you Adelie, best wishes from your beloved sister,



And We are OFF!


We are off to a week full of family, and no school. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, Christmas is fun, but it is like you have to work really hard with shopping, wrapping, decorations, but that is not what is important about Christmas it is about Jesus's birth. I'm off track I mean it only a couple days till Thanksgiving and I'm rambling on about Christmas! Hope everyones week of vacation is a week of thanks! 

Au revoir,


Week of Chaos

This was a Chaotic weekend

On Thursday I was swamped with school (really swamped)
Stayed up really late making things to sell (post coming soon!)
On Friday we had co-op and then came back for Adelie's birthday party (post coming soon!)
Then right after that birthday we had family come over
Saturday will be another busy day, packing, cleaning, and buying gifts
Cause on Sunday we are leaving to Branson, Missouri
Branson is not a long drive, because we usually drive to MN twice a year.

What has your week been like?



Neither Words nor Pictures

My (somewhat) poem about rollerblading:

Neither words nor pictures can describe a whirlwind rollerblading day:
The cold, crisp, fresh, fall, air that surrounds you.
The feeling of almost flying.
Coziness in a old favorite sweater.
Seeing leaves of gold and red rush past leaping and frolicking. 
Soaring in the air, rushing, almost like dancing in a special way.
Feeling the load of school slip of my shoulders somewhere on the way. 
Closing my eyes and not caring how windblown my hair gets.
The magic roller blades can do to you is so much more than you think.