The New President is...

Barack Obama 

  If you saw my latest post, you most likely know that I am no rooting for Obama at all! I was really disappointed with the turnout of the voting. I knew that it was going to be a close election (polls), but it was anything, but close. Obama won by by a lot. We can trust in the Lord for our hope and our strength. Our hope is in the Lord not in the President

"For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O LORD, from my youth" - Psalm 71:5

God can make bad things work out for good. Also, the House of Representatives are made of mostly republicans and the Senate is mostly Democrats. So laws will not as pass as easily, because two different sides will have to work together.  

Pray for the President, that he would make wise decisions, and choose what is best for our country.

5 sweet notes:

  1. I am VERY sad right now that he didn't win! Why do people want to live for another four years with him as president? I don't want to 'suffer' that long and I just pray that God will make stuff easy for us.

  2. I know, I didn't want him to win either! God has a plan;)!

  3. I did not want Obama to win either. He is not a good choice, I believe for our country. But like you said, God has a plan!! And all we can do is trust Him because He has a perfect plan! :)

  4. yes I was sad to hear that too. read romans 13.

    and pray for the president.

    --Rachel S

  5. Yeah, luckily I have read Romans 13 too, and I relized that since the authorities (or government) are ordained by God, that means they are also accountable to Him just like we are, so I don't have to worry about them, knowing that God will punish them if they do wrong and reward them if they obey Him. =)
    It's very comforting to trust Him.



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