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Every Orphan's Hope's:

   We are sponsoring for a girl named is Lisa. They have a picture of her on Facebook. You pay $24 dollars a month to provide for the child, since 24 dollars is not quite enough there is 12 sponsors total. This is something our family can do that can make a difference in a child's life. 

ONE matters

   If you would like to help. You can click on orphans (above) to see the orphans you can sponsor. Then click on sponsor (above). Then you can fill in the form. You will receive a package with information about the child you are sponsoring. Then there is the child's Facebook family, with the twelve sponsors. When one drops out you will know to make a replacement. Not just giving money is a part of it you can send letters to the child. I can't wait to send my first letter to Lisa. 

   I have a friend Claire Gruver who has a blog as well. She was actually the one who told me about blogging and got me started. Her family is very active with this ministry and she has written several post on her experience with going to Africa and serving with Every Orphans Hope. She is a wonderful writer. I encourage you to read all or at least one.

Some of Claire's Posts on Africa:
They Matter
A Boy named John
A Girl named Joyce 

Please consider helping sponsor an orphan with your family.

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