Pinning from the Web

    I love to pin. I do it way to much. I also pin things I find on other websites or blogs. I put together a tutorial for "pining things found on the web." (long title I know). Some people might already know this...so you can check out my Pinterest account if you want. Enjoy!

After you find a website with something cool you want to pin you need to go to the Pinterest website logged into your account. Click the button "Add" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Then click "Add a Pin"

  A place will pop up where you put in the address of the item you want to post, and then click, "Find Images" 

Then click the two buttons "Prev" or "Next"until you get the picture you want. Then select the board you would like it to go on. You can type in the description you want, and lastly click, "Pin It"

There you have it. The tutorial on how to pin things from the web.

Hope this was helpful! Comment if you still have questions.




(via Pinterest)

This is a fancy word for what I do half of the time!

P.S This is really in the dictionary. I checked :). 


Homemade Thin Mints

Now while we were making these homemade thin mints, girl scouts came selling girl scouts cookies, and a bought thin mint cookies, because I do not like any of the other cookies they sell. Wether you think that coincidence is funny is up to you, but I thought it was hilarious :). I got this recipe from Pinterest. Here is the original source. These Thin Mints are very good, and they only take about 15 min.

Homemade Thin Mints Recipe:

•40 Ritz Crackers
•2 tsp Peppermint Extract
•2 cups of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
•1 Tsp of Oil
•Mint Leaves (Optional)

1. Put the chocolate chips and the oil in a bowl and heat up in a microwave until throughly melted. Then mix the chocolate up until all the way stirred.

2. Add the peppermint extract to the chocolate. Stir, taste, and add more peppermint extract as necessary for the minty taste. Be carful in not adding to much peppermint extract.

3. Take a cracker and dip in the chocolate, when it is fully covered in chocolate lay in a piece of wax paper. I promise that the crackers will taste like cookies!

4. Repeat step 3 until all the crackers are coated. (Your hands will get messy in doing this)

5. Let the cookies harden. We set our cookies outside and in 15 min the cookies were harden.

6. Eat and enjoy! Be carful these will disappear faster then you think!

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Tips for Curly Hair Girls

    As a curly haired girl I am always looking for tips and so I decided to share my tips to other curly haired friends. Enjoy the tips!

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        My normal routine when taking a shower:

1) Shower (every other day). Ok, my hair always looks it's best after I shower, but it isn't a healthy habit to shower every day, so I have to hold off showering every day.

2) I don't shampoo. Yes, as crazy as it sounds I don't shampoo. Why do I do this? It because almost all shampoos contain different types of sulfate in them, which causes your already dry hair to become dryer. It may take four weeks for your hair to ajust to using no shampoo, and don't worry your hair will still stay clean without shampoo.

3) Put in conditioner. I use Frizz-Ease conditioner. Let me tell you I use more than a dine size in....If you do not use leave in conditioner I would suggest leaving a tad bit of conditioner in your hair so your hair is for sure to stay soft and silky.
    TIP: I apply most of the conditioner at the ends of my hair.

4) While the conditioner is in I brush my hair with a wide toothed comb or run my fingers through it until it is detangled or close....

 (After I started using these tips - >)
I still need to learn how to style it, but the curls look great!

5) Then before I get out of the shower I rinse off my hair with cold water. It helps with the shine of your curls and helps close off my hair cuticles.
   TIP: Try gradually changing the water temperature from hot to cold, because a sudden blast
of cold water is not very welcoming especially in the

5) When I get out of the shower I flip upside down and lightly run my finger through my hair once. So that my clump of hair separates into curls.

6) Then (still upside down) I scrunch my curls one or two times with some curly hair product in my hand and some leave in conditioner (the product changes a lot, because I haven't find the RIGHT product yet). This helps with forming the curls.

7) I take a clean T-Shirt and lie it flat in my hand and scrunch my hair a couple of times, while I'm upside down. This dries off your hair a little bit.                                                                           
 TIP: Never use a towel to dry your hair off. It can cause your hair to become frizzer and cause breakage. A T-Shirt is better to dry with, because the flatter the surface you use to dry off your curls the less frizzy your hair will become.

8) Then I blow dry my hair with a diffuser, set on low heat. You know that thing that comes with a blow-dryier? It is a diffuser. I do this while upside down until my hair is 70 to 80 percent dry. The diffuser adds a lot of volume (that isn't frizz) to the curls, and around the roots, so the roots aren't lying flat.
    TIP: The diffuser is the best part of my routine.  I would totally recommend this. Because if you let your curls air dry all the way...then the curls are sopping wet for hours.

9) Then I take two or three giant clips and clip my hair up without flatting my hair. I leave this in for about an hour or until my hair is completely dry.

10) After I take the clips down my hair looks really funky, But after a couple upside down shakes the funky position is gone. Middle parts in my hair don't look good so I have a side part and then pin my bangs back with booby pins.

•Use a silk or satin pillow case. This can stop breakage and leave our hair less frizzy when you wake up in the morning, and reduces tangles.

•NEVER brush your hair except when you are in the shower. As most of you know brushing hair can cause serious frizziness.

•Never rub your curls just scrunch. We are trying to give curls their natural form and rubbing doesn't while scrunching does help with the shape.

•Try not to use products with sulfate in them. Curly hair is naturally more dry and sulfate does not help with that problem.

•If you have more time after your hair is dry you can take a small curling iron and re-curl some of the really frizzy curls.

•Products with coconut oil in them are good for your hair (don't really know why, but it's working)

•Get a small trim once ever 4-6 months. This helps get ride of the spit ends in your hair.

•Try to stay away from using a lot of gel, since it can make your hair texture hard and crunchy.

•Put some honey into your conditioner. Honey helps cleanse your hair and leaves moisturizer and shine.

•Try to safe straightening you hair for extra special occasions. I LOVE my curly hair (minus the frizziness :), but a change is fun every once in a while, but the more you straighten your hair the more damaged your curls will get. So limit how much you straighten your curls.

•A salt spray mixture that will help define your curls. Put about one teaspoon of regular table salt into a spray bottle, fill the rest up with warm water, and add some optional drops of lavender in. Shake until salt is dissolved, and your good to go!

Apple Cider Vinegar. Every couple of weeks after conditioning and rinsing out, I’ll take a cup full of ACV, dump it on my hair, and rinse. It helps get rid of buildup, keeps your hair shiny, and NO, you will not smell like salad after you’re done!

Two great books that have helped me in so many ways:



      Curly Girl: A Celebration of Curls


      Hopefully these tips were helpful. I have learned to embrace my hair on the good days and the bad, and bad hair days are not the end of the world :). For we were all made to be different and stand out from the crowd. Feel free to share your tips of how you manage your hair or if you don't have curly hair share this post to a curly-haired friend.

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Amazing Giveaway

I usually do not blog about other giveaways, but this one was so good I had to share the great news.


Go to this link to enter.


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William Christopher

My brother turned 9 today. Happy Birthday! His birthday is right after Christmas, so we get caught up and forget to buy his presents. Ok, not us, just me. Hopefully I will find the right gift before the day is out.                                         

My brother is a great brother. Kind and the peace maker in the family. Our family would not be complete without his wonderful cheerful personality. Will, have a great birthday!                            

Your loving sister,