You & Me Night

(Will (8), Ana (11), Adelie (3), Mom, Dad, Ethan (6), Emma (13) = The Vogelsang Group

 My family has a fun tradition: "You & Me Night" . We do it every Tuesday (or at least we try too :) The top picture is our "You & Me Night" logo (Scroll down to the bottom to see another verison). We are called the Vogelsang Group, because of my dad's real estate logo. Stop by his information page!

Back to subject: Someone gets to go out with a parent, someone gets to stay home with a parent, and the last two siblings have sibling time. Adelie isn't included in the schedule so she stays with the siblings, and has a special date every once in a while. It works for our family something like this:

1 Tuesday
Out: Mom/Ethan
Home: Dad/Ana
Siblings: Emma/Will/Adelie

2 Tuesday
Out: Dad/Will
Home: Mom/Emma
Sibling: Ana/Ethan/Adelie

3 Tuesday
Out: Mom/Ana
Home: Dad/Ethan
Sibling: Emma/Will/Adelie

4 Tuesday: 
Out: Dad/Emma
Home: Mom/Will
Sibling: Ana/Ethan/Adelie

After a 8 Tuesdays every kid went out with Mom & Dad, and stayed home with Dad & Mom. After 6 months every kid has had a chance to be siblings with everyone. It's confusing, but I finally found how to make it all work! It is a lot of fun, and gives our family a chance to spend time with one another. We have done this for a long time and have given us many memories, so go try out "You & Me Night" with your family!

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  2. That's a great idea! Wish we could do that!


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