Awesome/Awkward Week

Having way to much to memorize
Science is devastating :(
It took a long time to straighten my hair! (1 hr and 45 min)
To much candy!

Can't were new winter clothes, cause it's still hot!
School feels like it just started
My camera dying
Bees attacking our candy corn = Dad took all the candy corn off!

The weekend is here!!!
Staying at my Grandmom's house
Seeing Seussical the Musical
Shopping for clothes
Playing with Adelie

Going out to eat
Going to do my first Debate
Eating Carmel + Apples + Carmel Apples!
Straightening my hair

Hot Coco every day!
Enough Candy!
Sleeping at my friends house
My 'Awkward' list isn't long
The holidays are almost here

That's how my week went. How about yours?

8 sweet notes:

  1. my week was good. just long. I had a lot of homework to do.

  2. LOVE your blog! :) Adelie is adorable.
    Tane ♥

  3. Sounds lovely:) Mine was good too!

  4. hey! you commented on my blog about my camera, will you email me at kiley@kileymarissa.com if you're interested. I'm selling the body for $300.

  5. My week was good and I like your pictures!

  6. Yes, can't wait for the holidays! And I like your hair straightened! :)

  7. seems like a sweet week! Mine is going well, trying to stay focused on school!

  8. Hi,
    I AM sorry I said what I said. Now that I look back on it, I do see it looks like it was meant meanly. I do believe in what I said {but if I could have another try, I would say it differently}, but however, I am very sorry.
    Can we be friends and put this behind our backs?


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