Praise the LORD!

              "Give thanks to the Lord for He is good! His faithful love 

                      endures forever." - Psalms 107:1

Some things I am thankful for:

1) God - Through His mercy and abounding love I have been saved from the punishment of sin. 

2) Friends in my life - My friends have been a joy and a encouragement in my life; and making goofy faces and memories together

3) Books - I am in love with books. How they can draw you in into a another world through someone else's' eyes is a mystery 

4) Family - No matter where you go and where you moved family stays by your side. While friends may come and go I can rely on my family

5) Starbucks - Sweet, delicious aroma if a cappuccino warms you right up from the tips of your fingers to the end of you toes 

6) Seasons - No matter how hard I try I can never pick my favorite season 
          Spring - The coldness of winter fades away, flowers spring and the old is gone the new has come

          Summer - The pressure of school is  off, your vacation has come and of course it is my birthday!
          Fall - Refreshed from your break the excitement of a new school year begins, sweaters are pulled out and crop, clean, cold, fall air surrounds you.
          Winter - Snow falls (but in warm TX) and you celebrate the birth of Christ through Christmas 

7) Quotes - funny, smart and serious quotes - "The worth of a book is to be measured
by what you can carry away from it."  ~James Bryce

8) Girl Cousins my age - well close to my age! 

9) The Bible - That we have God's words in our hands is an amazing tool and guidance

10) Music - Music is one of my favorite pastime

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and don't eat to much!


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Emma and great post!!

  2. Hey There! you were awarded:
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  3. What a cute post! Love your blog! Happy Thanksgiving :)



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