Black Friday in Branson

       Do you like the poster? I made it at this address. I had the best time shopping with my family. My Aunt woke us up at 10:30 p.m Thursday night and said we were going shopping. Of course we were all confused, it starts at midnight on Friday. Apparently stores opened at 10:00 p.m so that kinda ruined it, but we stayed past 12:00 a.m so it was alright. When we got to where all the outlets were the parking lot was full so we parked next to Krispy Kreme. It is a famous donut place, but the one in our area closed down so I guess it wasn't famous enough. Parking next to that place meant donuts for us! Since glazed donuts are always cheaper buying them by the dozen, my Dad bought a dozen. One word. Delicious. Then came shopping! I didn't buy anything, but I had fun. And that has been my experience of shopping on black Friday.


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