The eve of 2013 with Rambles

As I sit at this computer the date of today makes me think. and think hard.

December. 31. 2012.


The last time that date will be living, because tomorrow that year is history.

Why, this was the year I turned 13.
We moved (finally).
Got a Pinterest account
I learned how to cope with my hair of tangles!
Grew exactly 2 inches. Sarcastic tone: "that one is not a surprise!"
The year I crossed to Canada without a passport and lost my flip flops to the rapids (long story).
I got braces.
Why, I started this blog in 2012. (First post, somewhat embarrassing :)

Time flies. Time flies too fast. When you want it to move it is slow motion; when you want time to stay in the moment it flies so you cannot catch it.

When I was 6 my really close friend had a sleepoer. Both her and I remember feeling so grown up at that party. When we think about it. It almost seemed like yesterday.

Or when I had that treasure hunt when I was 5 with my grandma (we have the same birthday, July 9), and collecting all the dress up thing and ended at a tea party. Ah, the good times.

My "baby" sister is four. She is sweet, precious, and as the most adorable hug. When she is 13 (like me), I will have graduated collage and be 22 years old. 22 years old. I just can't believe it! Can you? I mean I will be driving when she is 7!

Our church had a guest speaker, Bob Huges. He gave a sermon that made me think about many things, but also about time. He had an illustration about you getting a bank account with 86,400 dollars in it, but whatever you didn't use by the end of the day was deleted. He said you can sometimes tell what is most important by what people do with their money. Then he talked about the bank account we have given to use by God with 86,400 seconds in it. We can use these seconds wisely or foolishly and at the end of the day it is final. There is nothing we can do to change it.

So use this year wisely.

Have a Happy New Year!

2 sweet notes:

  1. Happy New Year Emma!! your blog is so cute :)

  2. Ooh! Love the illustration from your pastor! What a great thing to think about as the New Year begins! Lovely post, and lovely blog!


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