if you give a girl a cookie...

If you give a girl a cookie she'll want to make more after her first one is gone then all those cookies will make her thirsty so she'll want to make tea/lemonade. And with the cookies and drink in front of her she'll want to invite a friend to share the snack, and she'll want to make more cookies and something to go with it, like cake pops. With all this fancy food she'll want a pretty table to put it on then when she sees how pretty the table looks she'll want to put on a dress. And since there is nothing else to do she'll want her friends to arrive, but they haven't come yet, so she'll have to wait at the window. Since they haven't arrived yet she'll want to pick some flowers. As she picking flowers she sees her friends coming. And she'll bring them inside to eat cookies and drink tea (or lemonade since there four). After all the treat are gone her friends leave and since all that work made her hungry she'll want another cookie. 

A small summary of my afternoon with my little sister Adelie.   

1 sweet notes:

  1. Oh! Emma this is so adorable! =)
    I love the way you told the story, the food looks deliiiiicious and the photos are so good!

    This is a really good post. =D

    xx `Jenny


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