Pray for Painter

       These last few weeks have been kinda crazy. We are moving sometime in June so my Mom has been packing everything. We are also fixing up the house we are living in to sell. We have had painters come in and paint. They are from Mexico. One is named Camilo. My mom is able to talk more with them, because she can speak spanish. Camilo left Mexico and his family, because he could not provide for his family. He came to America to earn money to send to his family. He has not seen them in two years, probably because he is a illegal immagarnt. When my mom asked him if he went to church, he said no. Camilo said he was brought up in a Catholic church; he left it, because he wanted it to be about relationship not religion. Camilo also told my mom he had no friends in America and a few weeks before his birthday he prayed to God, "Dear God, for my birthday please give me a bible." On his birthday he did not get a bible, but two weeks later two girls knocked on the door of his house. They asked him how he was feeling. He answered, "I am broken." They said, "We have a gift for you," and they handed him a spanish bible. Camilo had never seen these girls in his life. He reads his bible every morning. He does not have time to go to church. Please pray that he will find a church and have a relationship with the Lord. Pray that my mom will be able to reach out to him. Pray that his family will learn about the Lord. Please pray that the Lord will continue to move him.


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