"Instructions for living a life: 
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it."
~Mary Oliver

things I will never understand:

inspiration from carlotta crisernas 

i. how there are people in the world that live their entire lives while I sleep (and vice versa)

ii. raindrops never fail to fascinate me 

iii. the way a song/sight/smell can trigger deja vu

iv. people who don't like to read (it's like going on an adventure without having to get out of your pajamas! how much better can it get?!)

v.  how we can be so privileged that waking up in the morning is taken for granted

vi. the way bobby pins can disappear at lightning speed

vii. how complex, unusual, and special God made the world and the things in and around it

Part of my quest to pay attention, be astonished, and tell about it.  I'd love to hear what astonishes you.

P.S Do you notice my new craze with roman numeral list? Roman numerals just look so sophisticated!

5 sweet notes:

  1. Hey Emma! Something that never ceases to amaze me is God's love for us...thanks for the great post!
    Tane xxx

  2. Hi! I just found your blog, and I like it a lot. I'm following :)
    Kristin @ Serendipity

  3. Oh that's a good quote!
    Aren't raindrops cool??! I've seen them a hundred times and I still think they're just the coolest thing. =D
    People who don't want to read; oh those poor people, I feel for them too. =)
    We do take the morning for granted too much. Good point.
    Bobby pins! Yes! =O It is my personal belief, that Aliens from Jupiter are collecting them to build a version of the Eiffel Tower there! ;) Obviously they need a lot!
    Me? I'm astonished how different things look when the sunlight is behind them; they just glow!!! Leaves, a forest, people, they all look different in different lights. =D

    xx ~Jenny

  4. I think about number one all the time! & it blows my mind that it is sumer in Australia when it is winter here! :)


  5. I really think your blog is so well done that I will add it to the Walking in Christ blog list at http://www.blogsbykids.net/


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