Awkward/Awesome Week

Not being that useful
eating to much chocolate
forgetting my camera and having to run back and get it
Adelie being scared of the clown
the clown's hamster escaped and I saw it before it went everywhere!
trying to make a ballon dog (failure) 
being urged to have more chocolate
2 hour Algebra class at co-op

helping out at a birthday party and getting paid
chocolate fondue at party
best cake ever!
having neighbors over for dinner
found my food picture for photography class
I saw the clown's hamster escape before it went everywhere
having such nice neighbors
Adelie started to like the clown
having a friend over 
getting most of my homework done in Algebra class
watching the Lorax w/popcorn

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  1. Hey lovely! We were having issue but now the dc Giveaway is open :) xx

  2. Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog. :)

    -Victoria Horea


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