Awkward/Awesome Spring Break

-Having to do some school on spring break 
-Not seeing my friends :(
-Spending a little two much time on Pinterest
-Having to wear "lawyer" attire during the tournament
-The Lemon bars were gone in two days...

-Having my cousins come 
-Laughing all night with Grace (my cousin)
-Working on a memory journal
-SMASHING (details soon)
-Taking too many pictures :)
-Reading late a night
-Sleeping in 
-Going to OK for a tournament
-Winning first place in my biographical narrative 
-Making Lemon Bars
-Just enjoying my break 

I had an amazing Spring Break, but no it's back to school. Thankfully Summer is just around the corner! How was your Spring Break? 


1 sweet notes:

  1. I'm homeschooled, so I don't get a spring break. ;)
    But anyway, my ''break'' has been lovely. Plus I actually get today off!


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