little joys


   Last night I slept on the trampoline with my sister. It was a little better than camping in a tent. I mean not as good as the camping, but better than sleeping in the tent. I consider sleeping outside one of the little joys. Let me paint you a scene of a sky black as midnight with the glow of city lights below it. A whisper in the grass, and a comfy blanket to cuddle up to with a sister right beside you. That's why its one of life's little joys, when something so simple and uninteresting are because of the wonder and strange beauty about it. Yesterday night was the first time I slept in the trampoline. I guess I can cross that one of the bucket list! Now I'm off to pick blackberries.

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7 sweet notes:

  1. Aw, how cute and lovely! I love picking blackberries. Eating them while I pick them is more like it :)

  2. Fun. Keep the wonder alive dear one!

  3. Hola! You commented on my blog earlier about the moving picture of the piano hands :) I didn't make it but I found it online; it's called a gif. If you search "piano hands gif" you can find one and copy it to your blog.

    Hope that helps!

  4. That sounds absolutely magical. <3


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