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     I just opened an Instagram account, and it has been a lot of fun. My user name is birdsong14, because Vogelsang translated from German to English is bird song and I am 14. I am under the name Emma Vogelsang. 
     Do you like the photo of my app instagram? I blurred the outside ends with an effect on the app Camera+. In my entire time as an apple user I have only bought 3 apps. All of them were camera apps so I guess that shows I love to take photos. Camera + was one of the apps I bought. It was three dollars, which is alot, but Camera+ is my faveorite picture editing app.
     I also bought the app Afterlight. I got it because it had the ability to cut your pictures into all kinds of shapes, which I thought was neat. It was the only app I could find that had that ability.
     The last app I have bought is Beauitful Mess. It is an app that adds borders, words, shapes, and other things, but I felt ripped. The app itself cost ninty-nine cents, but when you go on the app there are about 15 other packets that cost ninty-nine cents, too, and of course I want these packets, but I can't spend fifteen dollars on one app! The app was created by Emma and Elise and they have a blog called A Beautiful Mess, which is why I expected more from this app. So when I bought the app I expected more free things and less things to buy. Instead I felt they were just trying to make the most money that they could, but the overall goal of the app is really creative. Oh and that instagram picture...I added the red heart using this app.

And I still think that Pinterest is more fun than Instagram, even though I like instagram. :)


3 sweet notes:

  1. How fun!! :) I also have an instagram. Ill have to follow you. My username is abeautifulheart07 <3

  2. I have an instagram, too! i find it really fun to use and it's just another gerat way to connect with people via social media. If you want, you can follow me! My username is hannahmeganboyd!

    In His Service,
    Hannah Boyd

  3. Awesome! :) I love Instagram. I'll go follow you. My username is shout4jesus. :)

    I've thought about getting Afterlight because it looks good, but I haven't yet. Typic is a pretty good free app. They've got some nice editing tools and filters. :)

    God bless,
    Joy :)


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