There is a rumor going around blogger that Google Friends Connect is going to be shut down. Google if you are listening please do not shut it down! I don't think it will affect blogs that use blogger, but I am not taking any chances. So I opened an account on bloglovin'. I prefer GFC, but bloglovin' is a good back up system. I follow some great blogs and I want to make sure I still follow them. While we are on the topic of great blogs. I want to share some of my favorites...

1. Carlotta Cisterus

     She is a fantastic blogger. Carlotta takes the most amazing pictures and writes creative post. She is truly a creative writer, and thinks carefully on how to word her post, which is one of the reasons I love her blog. One of my favorite post she has done is books for days (and a video). This is a different type of post for her, but I love it. If you chose to explore her blog you will walk away impressed.  This is definitely my favorite blog.

2. ps: heart

     This is a blog done by three ladies. I love how they structure their post with pictures. By taking amazing photos and edit them just right for the particular post. I don't have any favorite post, because they are all so different from recipes, diys, outfits, and weekly wrap ups, but I thought I would share I favorite treat they made that I am dying to make: Coconut Bark.

3. Paper Raindrops

     This is a delightful blog to read written by Inna. Unfortunately Inna hasn't posted for a month or so, but I had to share it. I love this post she did. I loved the colors in the photos, and her reason for posting it, which was to share a joy she had rediscovered. Maybe I should do a post were I share a joy I had forgotten about....

     I tend to like blogs that have things that I want to improve in my own blog. I would love to improve my design, post structure, and definitely better photos. My camera is down so most of the photos you have seen recently are old photos, or photos from my i-pod, and i-pods do not take clear photos. Back to my main reason for posting this: start a bloglovin' account or follow by email all the blogs that you love to read. And if you do it, you are reading my blog, which means you love it and will make sure to follow it with bloglovin' or by email...hint, hint! :).

By the way if you want to comment and leave a link of your blog I will visit it and comment on a post I like.

2 sweet notes:

  1. Yeah, it's sad that GFC is leaving. I hope it's a rumor, but you never know. :/ Lovely blogs :)

  2. Hey, thanks for your comments! I make all my animated gifs using Photoshop, although there are probably tonnes of better programs out there for them.

    I use layers in Photoshop to make only certain areas move!



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