Things that say a lot


"things that say a lot about people: 
the way in which they treat the waiter/waitress
how they feel about the weather
whether they dog ear pages or highlight in books
and hands in general
their preferred creative outlet
how much they dread/enjoy talking on the phone
whether or not they drink coffee
if they ever forget to eat
how honest they are with themselves (and others)
if they correct your grammar
and whether or not they get nervous before haircuts."
~by this person 

i. I greet waiters and waitress with a cheerful smile and say "Thank you" whenever they bring me something such as a glass of water or my food. I tend not to be overly open to strangers, but try to greet everyone with a smile. And here is a smile for you... :)

ii. I usually love a spring storm with raindrops sliding down my window, and lighting booming in the distence. It gives me a cozy feeling when I am reading with a quilt tied up around me. Of course I wouldn't like it all the time, I need sun, too. But I love spring storm because you can get cozy inside or get a whiff of clean storm air while walking barefoot in the rain.

iii. I leave my books clean, because I love the feeling of opening a new fresh book, and clean books can also give me that feeling. If I find something particularly worthy to write down. I stick in my journal or in notes on my iPod. Of course if I am reading a book for school I mark my book up. 

iv. I used to have the shortest nails ever. I am (somewhat) proud to say I didn't bite them, however I did tear them :(. Finally one year for a New Year's resolution I told myself I would never tear my nails. I do once in a while, but most of the time my nails are so long that I need to clip them. Also people sometimes think my nails are fake, because they are long. (They are NOT fake) I usually try to paint my nails once in a while, but I'll see a little mistake on one of them and try to fix them, however I mess up all my nails in the process of fixing one small mistake on one nail. I need to get better on not being a nail perfectionist. 

v. I have small little hands, and my baby dimples have not yet gone away. I personally like my dimples, even though I want to look like I'm 13 going on 14! (in case you haven't notice I am a small 13 year old) My hands are average in feeling. They are neither soft nor hard, but they are covered in ink a lot of the time. I like to scrapbook and make cards, and I have quite a collection of stamps, but the majority of the ink seems to land on me! 

vi. When I am feeling creative I scrapbook, make old outfits look new, go on Pinterest (I love this place!), and try to be a good photographer. I also look for neat things to blog about. I don't know about you, but I'm lovin' this post! (The idea was not mine though. I've seen it around several blogs)

vii. I dread talking on the phone. Dread isn't the right word...I prefer to email, text, or better yet talk in person. The thing about talking on the phone is that if the conversation lags, there is an awkward silence on both sides of the phone. Grown-up seem to be able to talk for hours!

viii. I do love to drink coffee as long as it full of sugar and cream. My favorite is Andes Mint frappuccino from Snug. Snug is a small local coffee shop in downtown Mckinney. If you live anywhere near Mckinney I would strongly recommend the place to you. I also like the carmel frappuccino at Starbucks.

ix. I usually forget to eat breakfast. Yes, I know the doctors say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but usually we just have cereal in the house. So instead of eating breakfast I have a cup of coco, tea, or cider. I do not forget any other meals, because I love food.

x. I am honest with myself and other people, unless I am feeling blue, then in my head I tell things about myself that is not true, and it just makes me more blue.

xi. I do correct grammer in my head so I don't offend any of my friends. My Grandma has drilled into my head correct grammar so now I can't help, but think of the correct way to say something.

xii. Haircuts scare me. Not the cutting part, but the part where I see the final product and I don't like it. I never have not liked my haircut, but with curly hair I have become more afraid that if I cut my hair, I will look like a curly headed scare-crow!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to see what you would do with "things that say a lot about people". So if you do a repost, comment with the link and I will be sure to read it.


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  1. This was a very interesting post! :) That's a great list--very true. I enjoyed reading your comments. :)

    God bless,
    Joy :)


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