Sensing Summer


Smelling ~ The sweet smell of honeysuckles. Just like summer with the humid touch to the smell, yet with a sweet and refreshing smell. If you haven't smelt honey suckles before...go and find some! Our neighborhood has been full of honeysuckles this month.

Tasting ~ Crisp fresh watermelon. I can't seem to get enough of it, ever. It is my faveorite fruit to eat in the summer time. And of course lemonade. Who doesn't like a tall glass of chilled lemonade?

Seeing ~ The burning sun that seems to melt everyone and everything around it. In TX the sun gets way to hot. In some ways I am already looking forward to Fall, not really, but

Feeling ~ The cool sweet water that laps around my feet, and sliding down and around my fingers. Hopefully the pool will open up soon, because I'm getting a urge to slip right into the water.

Listening ~ To songs on my i-pod, while dancin' crazy all over the place. <--- This is what summer is all about!

Well I am done with school for the summer. Being a homeschooler you either get out early or late. This year I got out early. The first thing on my list is to go to the library and bury myself into a pile of books. What have you been sensing?


1 sweet notes:

  1. Love your post Emma! I love all those 'summer' things! Hehe I could so feel everything! Can't wait! I've been sensing just that wonderful summer feel! Ahhhh summer! :)

    ~Amber :)


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