Awkward/Awesome Week (but mainly awesome!)

Awkward/Not the best part of my week
Brothers being gone
Having to rearrange furniture in my room half a dozen times
Not ready for the block party we are helping with
Wearing my favorite shirt too many times
Watching “Princess Bride” for the fourth time this week! (It is a good movie though)

Awesome/Awesome (you don’t need one more word to describe these things!)
Watching “Brave”
Going to Market’s Street
Painting my room
Ten days till my birthday (July 9)
Staying at my Grandma’s place
Having 14 followers!!!
Almost time to leave for camp
Spending the night at my friends house
Eating sweets all day at my Grandma’s

How was your week?

4 sweet notes:

  1. Hi emma!! Happy early birthday!! Busy, busy, and not so busy!!

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog! I would love to follow yours. :) You have a beautiful blog!
    You got to see Brave?! I have been dying to see it!

  3. Thanks for the follow!
    I am soooooooo jealous that you got to watch Brave :( and that you got to paint your room :)

  4. I want to watch Brave!:/ I love your blog;I just stumbled across it, and I followed you.:)



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