DIY Bean Pumpkins

    I was baby-sitting some kids for 6 hours on Saturday. I decided to come up with a fall craft to do. At a camp I went to one year, they had a project like this with beans. You would take a sliver marker and draw on a black piece of paper your design. We didn't have as many colors of beans, but at least we had three colors. I drew a pumpkin with a face. If I did this again I would make the curls bigger, because once you put the green beans on it is hard to see it a vine that small. Overall I think it was a fun thing to do, and the kids loved it.

•Sturdy Black Paper (It can get weighed down with beans and glue)
•Silver Marker
•Glue (I used Elmer)
•Beans (color depends on what you are doing)

First I drew my design:

Then I covered some area with glue and started to lay beans on the drawing:

These are the beans I used:

Paper towels are handy for this:

 Finished work:

 To top this craft of I read a book simply called, "Pumpkins"

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